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Insurance Policy Safe-Keeping

3/8/2016 (Permalink)

If you have home owners insurance do you know where it is? Do you know if it is safe from water or fire damage? Storing your insurance policies in a safe place is pivotal to making sure you will still have the information you need after a disaster has happened. Maybe store a copy of all your policies in another location? Some people store copies of their documents on thumb drives or in a safe at their office, etc.  Also make sure your paperwork has correct numbers and contacts to getting the claim process started as quickly as possible.

You have the right to chose your own contractor but the insurance company will offer to give you one or name off some of the ones they prefer. Obviously, SERVPRO will be there for you from beginning to end and will get you back on your feet as quick as possible.  If you do indeed need someone to help you after a disaster, you can trust us at SERVPRO to make it like it never even happened!